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Save Wimbledon Park – AELTC Planning Application – Call to Action, July 2022

From Home Park Road Across Golf Course to AELTC

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Save Wimbledon Park AELTC: The AELTC’s Planning Application – Latest “Planning Update”

Save Wimbledon Park – Call to Action July 2022

The AELTC’s planning application still continues. Just last month the AELTC updated their application with 60 new documents. The AELTC describes the amendments as “minor”, and the core principles of the scheme are unchanged: there will still be an 8,000 seat stadium and 38 courts built on Capability Brown’s historical Metropolitan Open Land. The new park remains “permissive” rather than “public” and contains a 30,000sqft Central Maintenance Hub for all the new courts.

Please send your comments to both Merton and Wandsworth:

Merton Council: email ““, ref Application no 21/P2900
Wandsworth Council: email “” ref Application no 2021/3609

The AELTC continue to tell us of their extensive “consultations” with the community. But this consultation is not a two-way process. After 1300 objections it is disappointing that no alternatives or scaling back have been suggested

Numbers count!

Please make your views known. If you commented previously, please comment again, by email to both Merton and Wandsworth with the application number in the subject header of your email and adding your address to make it valid. The deadline for Merton is 13 August 2022 and Wandsworth 2 August 2022, but responses received after this time will still be logged.

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Further information and background is available on the Wimbledon Society website:

The Wimbledon Society: Comments on the AELTC’s Further Documents

You may also be interested in the planning application responses submitted by a number of other organisations, including The Southfields Grid Residents Association, The Wimbledon Park Residents Association and The Capability Brown Society.

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