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Friends of Wimbledon Park 4th Response To AELTC Planning Application

Wimbledon Park AELTC Car Park damage 7 July 2021

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FOWP AELTC 4th Submission:

Having finally worked our way through all of the 101 planning documents submitted by AELTC, here is the Friends of Wimbledon Park 4th response to the AELTC planning application, which was sent to Merton (LBM) and Wandsworth (LBW) Councils on 22 April 2022.

You may also be interested in the planning application responses submitted by a number of other organisations, including The Southfields Grid Residents Association, The Wimbledon Park Residents Association and The Capability Brown Society.

Here is an extract from the Friends of Wimbledon Park 4th submission regarding the AELTC planning application:


The fact of 101 documents for this application requires a staged response due to time constraints amongst the volunteers examining these documents. We have obtained further information on which we can comment. Also, we are aware of the 1993 Covenant, and this should take precedence where there is conflict. Quotes from the planning application documents are in italics.

Our Objections
1) Summary

a) To overcome the risks to the Grade II* heritage landscape, a holistic approach should be undertaken to the whole 61ha landscape.

b) Without detailed consideration of possible land swaps, or other co-ordination with the two other owners of the heritage landscape, the obligation to consider reasonable alternatives has not been discharged. The failure to demonstrate that there are no reasonable alternatives is a reason for refusal of the application.

c) A holistic approach to vistas, heritage, habitat, biodiversity, and assets needs to be followed for the whole 61ha park. The failure of the application to achieve this, leaves the heritage at risk and constitutes a reason for refusal.

d) Failed to consider the effects on participating sports and how their facilities can be improved.

e) Failed to fully explore the benefits to the local Community in line with their second core objective.

f) Following the Stonehenge precedent:

i. There is no evidence that this application considered the impact on each individual asset in this historic site.

ii. Failed to fully consider alternative schemes.

2) Introduction

a) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the process of systematically and objectively compiling, evaluating and presenting all the likely significant environmental effects, both positive and negative, of a Proposed Development, to assist the LPAs in considering a planning application. It enables the significance of these effects, and the scope for reducing negative, or enhancing positive, effects to be clearly understood.

b) Under the EIA Regulations, the Environmental Statement (ES) is required to consider reasonable alternatives

c) Grade II* Heritage Wimbledon Park (61ha) is shared between 3 owners1, AELTC, The Wimbledon Club (TWC) and LB Merton (LBM). It needs a holistic approach to improvements particularly as it is on Historic England’s ‘At Risk Register’. A joint agreement on retaining and improving vistas and a biodiversity strategy are two examples of what could be achieved….”

3) Heritage Vision for the AELTC Wimbledon Park Project

a. In the Design and Access Statement it gives core objectives.

b. Our two core objectives, which underpin the aspirations and proposals for the AELTC Wimbledon Park Project are:

➢ To maintain The Championships as the premier tennis tournament in the world, and
➢ To deliver a positive impact for our communities, in particular our local community.

c. Extracts relating to the community are:

d. Creating the opportunity to improve community access to tennis and sport.

• Safeguarding and enhancing biodiversity and wildlife in the parkland, contributing in a more meaningful way to the wildlife corridors in Southeast London.

• Creating a management plan to maintain the park in a way that protects its heritage and its future potential for sport, recreation, and nature, in order to propose its removal from the Historic England ‘At Risk Register’.
• Working along with the other landowners to desilt and repair the lake and restore it as a historic feature and improve and protect the recreational use of the lake, such as sailing and angling.
e. The mention of its future potential for sport, recreation, and nature is noted as is the reference to just sailing and angling.”…read more

Wimbledon Park AELTC Car Park damage 7 July 2021
FOWP AELTC 4th Submission: Wimbledon Park AELTC Car Park damage 7 July 2021

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